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Authentic Spin by Max Azarov
Make 2015 Your Authentic Startup Year!

Yes, no more waiting!

When I came to America over 10 years ago with just a few hundred dollars in my pocket, I didn't yet understand the full potential of what it means to build an American dream from scratch. I didn't know that an average joe like myself had the capacity to make thousands, and later, tens of thousands of dollars in a single day as a part of my journey of consistently learning from, and building on both positive and negative experiences.

"Authentic Startup" book is not a "get rich quick" scheme.

In fact, “Authentic Startup,” is about taking your time stacking up on proper attitude, patience, and using your resources (which does not always mean money) to build a startup (or startups) from scratch using nothing more than what you already know and have. It is also about searching, finding, defining, re-defining and selling (online and offline) your "authentic" product or service to people who crave whatever it is you are offering.

In addition, the book has enough practical examples, illustrations and practical "how to's" to save you a ton of time, money and resources (the time, money and resources I didn't have when I was starting up).

"Authentic Startup" is my first book on how to build a startup, based on my own experiences and I hope it will inspire you to turn your own unique experiences into your very own authentic product, software, or service and, subsequently, into a profitable startup that can bring you both money and personal fulfillment.

You only live once. Take action today.

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Max Azarov
YoloStartup.com, Founder

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